Junior & Senior Highs

As our children grow into youth, we confirm and nurture a strong foundation of faith while beginning to strengthen that foundation by accompanying our youth as they encounter differences of faith in the world.

In mission, regionally we serve at a soup kitchen and globally encourage all of the youth to join one of our international mission partnerships before they graduate. In the regular Youth Group opportunity we call Faith and Film, our youth view and discuss challenging stories of faith, justice, and conviction while knowing they are in a safe place.


Our youth both look forward to and remember with passion the Interfaith Plunge that takes places every other year. Many youth share that this experience in which we join a Muslim community for Friday prayers, a Jewish synagogue for Sabbath prayers and then practice meditation at a Zen Center was most formative helping them claiming their own Christian faith.

Confirmation Class Visit Syracuse Zen Center

Confirmation Class Visit Syracuse Zen Center